19 police personnel’s were injured in the groups clash in Nartiang Temple including Add SP

Shillong, Oct 16: The official report  on the group clash that occurred last midnight at Nartiang Temple who were injured from the police personnel are nine teem all together including the additional superintendent of police of West Jiantia Hills District Mr P Syiem he was injured from the head.

The others police officers who were injured in the group clash are, Smti Queenie Fancon, Assistantant commandant from the SF-10, she was injured from the chest. The two officers were seriously injured they were taken to Shillong for treatment.

The others police personnel who were received minor injury in the groups clash include Inpsector AD Sangma OC of Nartiang police Statation, Inspector Smti S Wanshong of Jowai women police station, Sub Inspector S Lamare, R Syrngkhong, Smti I Nongrum, Smti E Khardewsaw, Smti I Kharpran all are sub-inspector.

The Assistant Sub Inspectors who were injured include, Mr KR marak, Mr W Lamre, Mr MI Lyngdoh, Mr Aprilson marak who was critically injured. SF-10 Leblin Sangma, Smti P Kharkongor, Smti T Marwein, Smti D Lyngdoh, Smti A Lyngdoh and Mr Bobphy R Sangma.

The police who were posted at Nartiang village are to see that law and order in the village where tension crops up in the village that will be taken over as the new Pandit to look after the Temple at Nartiang Village.

At mid night where people are assemble around the temple to stop the entry of the new Pandit into the Temple. The police who were posted in the area tried to defused the tension but the crowds refused to listen to the police which compel the police to use lathi charge to dispersed crowd from the area.


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