The GOI has raise allocation of fund to tackle malnutrition in the country

New Delhi, September 22: The Government has provided an additional Rs.12000 Crores to fight malnutrition over next three years in the country by revising cost norms for supplementary nutrition provided in anganwadis and in the scheme for adolescent [...]

Will not wait till December 2017 to take decision on the Fifth Pay Commission: Dr Mukul

Shillong, September 22: The Chief Minister Dr Mukul Sangma said that will not wait till the month of December to take the decision on the recommendation of the Fifth Pay Commission. The government has not extended the time frame to the Finance [...]

Lada pynslem ban siew ia ka bai bylla 100 sngi ka sorkar kan hap ban siew sut:Dr Mukul

Shillong, Nailur 22: U Myntri rangbah ka sorkar jylla u Dr Mukul Sangma mynta ka sngi u la iathuh ba ka kabinet kala pdiang ia ki kyndon ha kaba ia dei bad ka kam ban siew ia ka bai bylla shispah sngi ka kabinet kala pdiang ia ki rule jong ka [...]

Kem ki pulit ia u Bah Maikhel ba shah kynnoh kawang bom ia ka iing u Bah Paul

Shillong, Nailur 22: Ki pulit jong ka Lumdiengjri mynta ka sngi ha ka por 10 baje mynstep kila leit ban kem ia u bah Maikhel Pakyntein na iing sah jong u ha Lower Mawprem halor ka jingshah kynnoh ba u la kawang petrol bomb ia ka iing jong u [...]

Lumdiengjri PS arrested Maikhel in connection with hurled of petrol Bomb Mr Paul residence

Shillong, September 22: The Lumdiengjri Police Station today at around 10 AM in the morning arrested Maikhle Palyntein from his residence from Lower Mawprem. He was arrested base on the FIR filed by Paul Lyngdoh in connection with the petrol [...]

To encourage homestay in SWGH District, Workshop was organized at Ampati

Ampati, September 22: A day-long workshop on Homestay was organized by the District Basin Development Unit (BDU) in collaboration with the Tourism department, South West Garo Hills for the partners, particularly the youth of the district under [...]

MeECL get cabinet approval to raise fund Rs 800 cores from open market though bond

Shillong, September 22: The Cabinet today has approved the proposal from the power department to allow the MeECL to raise fund of Rs.800 cores by way of selling bond from the open Market. The state government will stand be the Bank guarantee [...]

Thung ka sorkar ia u Balbir Singh Gour ban iarap ia ki nongrep ha ka kam thung dieng

Shillong, Nailur 22: Ka kabinet mynta ka sngi kala pdiang ia ka jingai jingmut jong ka tnad khlaw jong ka sorkar jylla ban thung ia u Balbir Singh Gour u heh jong ka sorkar pdeng u ba la thait na kam ba deipeit ia ka “Wild Life Government [...]

Lait ki kam Doktor 100 tylli hapoh ka tnad ka koit ka khiah ha Jylla: Dr Mukul

Shillong, Nailur 22: Ka kabinet kaba la long mynta ka sngi kala ai ia ka jingmynjut ban thung ia ki 11 ngut ki Doktor kiba leit pule na lade khlem da shim ia ka bhah jong ka sorkar jylla. Ia kine ki 11 ngut pdiang da ka kabinet mynta ka sngi. [...]

The Indian AIF will have a three day Air Fest 2017 in AL Ground seven Miles

Shillong, September 22: To commemorate the 85th Anniversary of the IAF, a grand festival ‘Air Fest 2017’ is planned under the aegis of Headquarters Eastern Air Command at ALG ground, Upper Shillong from 30th September, 2017 to 2nd October, [...]