ADE writes to CEM of the GHADC on illegal smuggling of forest product from Garo Hills to Assam

Shillong, September 28: The organization from Garo Hills ADE has written to the Chief Executive Member of the Garo Hills Autonomous District Council (JHADC) on illegal smuggling of forest product from Garo Hills to Assam. In the letter written [...]

Pynlong ka MLCU ia ka jinghikai ha Mawryngkneng halor ka hok ki nongthied nongpet

Shillong, Nailur 28: ka tnad pule Social Work, jong ka Martin Luther Christian University kala pynlong ia ka jingai jinghikai ha kaba ia dei bad ka hok jong ki nongthied nongpet ha shnong Mawrynkneng, Umtong kiba hap hapoh jong ka  East Khasi [...]

The MLCU conducts mass awareness campaign on consumer rights Under Mawrynkneng

Shillong September 28: The Department of Social Work, Martin Luther Christian University conducted a Mass Awareness campaign on Consumer Rights over a period of three days in three different locations, which included Mawrynkneng, Umtong both [...]

Ka PDF kan pynieng ia u Bah Judah na Sohiong Konstitwensi ha ka MLA 2018

Shillong, Nauilur 28: Ka People’s Democratic Front,  ha ka jingiaid lynti jong ka ban pynkhreh ban sei ia ki kyrtong sha ka lympung Election MLA 2018 bad ban thaw ruh ia ki Committee bapher bapher ha kylleng ki Constituency, ha ka 28 [...]

Pynbna u CEO ka MHIS bala pynjlan ia ka jingpynrung kyrteng haduh 31 tarik Risaw

Shillong, Nailur 28: U Chief Executive Officer (CEO) ba dei peit ia ka Megha Health Insurance Scheme (MHIS) ha ka jylla u la pynbna paidbah mynta ka sngi ba ia ka jingpynrung kyrteng ha katei ka skhim la pynjlan sha ka 31 tarik u bnai Risaw [...]

The Chief Executive Officer, of MHIS inform Enrolment Extended to 31th October

Shillong, September 28:The Chief Executive Officer, Megha Health Insurance Scheme (MHIS), Meghalaya has informed that the enrolment under Megha Health Insurance Scheme Phase III has been extended till the 31st October, 2017 in all the districts [...]

The IPR Minister Dr Ampareen inaugurate 1st Open Futsal Tournament in Shillong

Shillong, September  28: An exciting day of fast-paced five-a-side futsal action saw numerous teams come away happy while others have to pick themselves up from defeat and soldier on. More than 20 matches were scheduled for the opening day [...]

Land Owners Oppose NitiAayog’sProposed Dam on Siang River: Vijay Taram

Shillong, September 28: The group of Organisations, Forum for Siang Dialogue (FSD) Siang Peoples’ Forum (SPF) and Siang Indigenous Farmers’ Forum (SIFF) those that have been spearheading the movement against the Mega Dams proposed on river [...]

Yn leit plie u Bah HDR Lyngdoh myntri kam poh iing ia ka Umsohlait Police Station

Shillong, Nailur 28: U Superintendent jong ki pulit jong ka Ri Bhoi District, Nongpoh u a pyntip paidbah ba ia ka Umsohlait Police Station, yn sap lie paidbah da u myntri kam poh iing ka jylla u Bah HDR Lyngdoh ha ka 6 tarik u Risaw jong u [...]

Judges of the NE State participate at the NSLS Authorities that was held in Shillong

Shillong, September 28: The regional meet for the all the North- Eastern States Legal Servives Authorities under the aegis of the  National States Legal Servives Authorities was held in Shillong on wednesday and was inaugurated by Hon’ble [...]