Ki don 12 tylli ki team ban ia shim bynta ha ka Meghalaya Baby League 2018

Shillong, Jymmang 12: Ki team ki ban ia shim bynta ha ka jingialehkai ia kaba la jer kyrteng ka “Meghalaya Baby League 2018” baroh ki don 12 tylli kine ki team kiba la shah jied ki long kiba la pynbit pynbiang katkum ki kyndon ba la buh [...]

Army recruitment rally to be held at Ampati-Tura has been call off due to the by-election in Ampati

Shillong, May 12:The pre-recruitment physical grooming and medical scheduled at Ampati on 16th and 17th May, 2018 for the Army recruitment rally to be held at Tura from 22nd to 25th May, 2018 has been called off in view of the election [...]

Joint Multi specialty Medical camp of Indo-Bangla concluded day at Tamabil in Bangladesh

Shillong, May 12: The Joint Multispecialty Medical camp today was held at Tamabil in the Bangladesh side. In this Indo-Bangla free medical camp more than 650 people from the Bangladesh side has come to avail this facilities that was given to [...]

Halor ka kam khangtih Dewiong, ka kynhun na ka “Ministry of Coal” kan wan sha Meghalaya

Shillong, Jymmang 12: U Myntri rangbah ka jylla u Conrad K Sangma ryngkat bad Amit Kumar Advocate Genenral jong ka sorkar jylla mynta ka sngi  u la ia kynduh ia u myntri ka sorkar pdeng ba dei peit ia ka tnad tih dewiong ha ka Ri u Piyush [...]

Ia kren u Conrad bad u myntri ka sorkar pdeng ba shah pynduh pule doktor ha NEIGRIHMS

Shillong, Jymmang 12: U myntri rangbah ka jylla u Conrad K Sangma mynta ka sngi u la ia kynduh ia u myntri ka koit ka khiah jong ka sorkar pdeng u J.P Nadda bad ha kane ka jingiakynduh u la ai ia ka dorkhas ban pan na ka sorkar pdeng ba kan [...]

Mr Conrad raised the issue of de-recognition of MBBS course at NEIGRIHMS with Mr Nadda

Shillong, May 12: The Meghalaya Chief Minister Mr Conrad K. Sangma today called on Union Health and Family Welfare Minister Mr J.P. Nadda at his office in New Delhi and submitted a memorandum seeking his intervention to accord autonomy to North [...]

MLCU hold a music road show in Ward’s Lake to prepare their students for a different kind of stage

Shillong May 1 2: Everything in life whether good or bad, becomes better with Music, and this has been proven time and time again. The Department of Music,Martin Luther Christian University also did their part today by performing in cafes across [...]

Langsninglook to end Second Division League 2018 in KhumanLampak Stadium in Imphal

Shillong, May 12: Langsning FC will play their last and final match of the Second Division League 2018 on Sunday against TRAU FC at the KhumanLampak Main Stadium in Imphal at 2:30pm. The match will be played for pride as TRAU have already confirmed [...]

To protest the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016, NESO hold on demonstration in Guwahati

Shillong, May 12: The North East Students Organization (NESO) today holds on demonstration in Dighalipukhuri Park, Guwahahti. In this sit in demonstration the student’s organization from all the North Eastern State participate in the demonstration. [...]

Ban pynpaw ia ka jingpyrshah ia ka Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016 ia khih ka NESO

Shillong, Jymmang 12: Ka kynhun jong ki seng samla pule jong ka dong shatei lam mih ngi jong ka Ri India mynta ka sngi kila pynlong ia ka jingiakhih da kaba shong kyllain mungor ha Dighalipukhuri  Park ha Guwahati ban pyrshah ia ka jingwanrah [...]