Mynta ka sngi thung u president ka Ri India ia u Tathagata Roy kum u Lat ka jylla Meghalaya

Shillong, Nailar 21: U President jong ka Ri India mynta ka sngi u la thung ia u Tathagata Roy kum u Lat ba thymmai jong ka jylla Meghalaya bad ia u Lat ba mynta u Ganga Prasad la thung ia u kum u Lat jong ka jylla Sikkim. Ha ka jingpynmih khubor [...]

The president of India has appointed Mr Tathagata Roy as Governor of Meghalaya

New Delhi, August 21: The president of India today has appointed Shri  Tathagata Roy, as Governor of Meghalaya, and the governor of Meghalaya Shri  Ganga Prasad is is transferred and appointed as Governor of Sikkim. In the official press statement [...]

Mynta ka sngi mih ki polling ophisar ban leit sha ki jaka thep vote ha 35-Ranikor Konstitwnesi

Shillong, Nailar 21: U Bah Fredric Roy Kharkongor Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) jong ka jylla Meghalaya, u la iathuh ba ki polling ophisar kiba   dei na ka bynta jong ka 35-Ranikor Konstitwensi kila mih mynta ka sngi na Mawkyrwat ba kin leit [...]

Ai jingiaroh u Conrad ia u Billykid u ba la len lade namar u don ka jingkitkhlieh ia ka Tura

Shillong, Nailar  21: U Kyrtong ka seng NPP u Conrad ka Sangma u la pynkut ia ka jingialap elekshon ka jong u ha 51-South Tura mynta ka sngi da ka jingialang paidbah ha  ka dong Rishipara. Ha kane ka jingialang paidbah, u kyrtong ka NPP u [...]

I urge my opponents to be broadminded and have a vision to work for development: Mr Conrad

Shillong, August The National People’s Party (NPP) candidate and Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad K. Sangma concluded his election campaign by addressing a gathering at Rishipara locality under South Tura today. “Opposition will try to mislead [...]

N.F.Railway and Govt of Assam to work jointly for replacement of LCG by road over bridge

Maligaon, August, 21: A meeting was held recently at Dispur between N.F. Railway and Govt of Assam about construction of Road Over Bridges in Assam in lieu of existing Level Crossing gates for the benefit of people. While Govt of Assam delegation [...]

The Ministry of Earth Sciences is to set up a Cyclone Warning Centre in Thiruvananthapuram

New Delhi, August 21: With several incidents of tropical cyclones and severe weather events striking over Kerala and Karnataka coasts in the recent times, the Union Ministry of Earth Sciences is proposing to set up a Cyclone Warning Centre in [...]

Ai jinghikai ia ki samla kumno ban ioh rung kam shipai ha ki kyrdan bapher bapher

Shillong, Nailar 21: Ka shnat pyntung kam shipai kaba don ha kane ka nongbah shillong kala pynlong ia ka jingai jinghikai ia ki samla ka jylla kumno ban ioh rung kam shipai haki kyrdan bapher bapher ia kane ka jinghikai la pynlong ha len shipai [...]

The MDA partners drum up support for Mr Conrad in the bye-election from South Tura

Shillong, August 21: The National People’s Party (NPP) today paraded leaders from its alliance partner including Tourism Minister Metbah Lyngdoh, Education Minister Lakhmen Rymbui, Revenue Minister Kyrmen Shylla, MIDC chairman Renikton Lyngdoh [...]

All factory owners in the State of Meghalaya are directed to declare holiday on polling day

Shillong, August 21: The Chief Inspector of Boilers and Factories, Shillong has informed that all the factory owners in the State of Meghalaya are directed to declare Weekly Holiday in their respective units on the date of poll on the 23rd August [...]