All ADCs to translate the District Establishment of TC Act and Rules 1962 in the local language

Shillong, January 04: The Working Group III, Meghalaya State Planning Board, convened by John F Kharshiing, Co-Chairman, Meghalaya State Planning Board, held a meeting today to follow-up on the discussions  and agreements arising from the High Level meeting Chaired by Chief Minister Dr Mukul M Sangma, with the Synjuk Rangbah Shnong, and the KHADC on 12 Dec and 14 December 2017,  relating to the Building Bye Laws in Sixth Schedule Areas.

In the meeting officials from the Urban Affairs, Law, and ADCs who informed that as per the understanding on 14 Dec 2017, and in view of Hon’ble High Court Order dated 16-2-2017, relating to extension and applicability of Building Byelaws in the Master Plan area and in the State of Meghalay, the Co-Chairman, was informed that the State Govt will shortly  communicate to all ADCs to constitute and notify their respective Town Committees as per UK & JHADC Town Committee Act 1962  under the ADCs who are mandated to regulate construction of houses etc, and to forward a copy of their draft bye laws if any to the state government so as to incorporate both objectives into one.

The State Planning Board has also suggested that inview of the shortage of officials to provide architectural and professional services in the rural areas the State Government may consider allowing the present Govt servants who are qualified civil engineers serving in the many departments, in addition to their present duties, to also assist in the preparation of drawings, designs, for construction of buildings etc, so as to easy the problem for the people especially in the rural areas.

The office and officers of the Block Development Officers may also be considered for assisting the Town Committees under the KHADC. The State Planning Board has requested the officials of the three ADCs to urgently expedite the process of constitution of the Town Committees so as to forward the names to the Government for empowering the respective town committees as per section 2 (i) of the Meghalaya Town & Country Planning Act 1973 which allows the Government to empower the Local or Regional Authority to assist in the administration of the Act.

The Co-Chairman, also requested the ADCs to translate the above The united Khasi & Jaintia Hills District Establishment of Town Committee Act and Rules 1962 into the local language so as to enable the people and the village headmen in the rural areas to under stand the very objectives duties and functions of the above Town Committees under the Sixth Schedule areas.

The Co-Chairman, appreciated the efforts of the State Government the Autonomous District Councils and the Synjuk Rangbah Shnong for having come to an understanding, as there was urgent need for ALL the people of the state to decide whether we as a community would like to continue to live in an unplanned manner. The recent reports of water bodies drying up, unavailability of land in a number of villages for installation upgradation of transformers for power, laying water pipelines, landfill for garbage disposal, lack of basic toilets in commercial areas must be an indication for all to wake up as population human activity and increase puts further pressure on the development of the Village, Towns and City.

The positive dialogue which has been initiated must be carried forward together with the people in the interest of the future generations. The State Planning Board, also recommends to the State Government to re-constitute the Committee on Traditional Institutions with members from all ADCs and other stake holders so as to expedite the putting in place a system of governance with the Traditional Institutions as catalyst.


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