All effort are made to rescues the miners who were trap inside the mine at Ksan in EJH District

Shillong, Jan 14: Today the coal India limited pump was inserted in the old shaft and testing of the pump was done and found successful .At present laying and fitting of pipes is going on and pumping will start from tomorrow. The rescued operation to the trap miners at Ksan in East Jiantia Hills District is on.

The CIL survey team also   conduct a survey and also took the measurement of the water level and reported that the water level does not recede .Coal India Limited also pump the water from 6.00 pm in the evening till today 1.00 pm and 20 hrs pumping the discharge is approximately 2268000 liters.
The fire service start pumping at 11.00 am today .while the KSB a German company preparation to install the pump is going on and side by side laying of pipe is carried out .the KSB is expected that their pump will function from tomorrow.
Drs. Dewashish Kumar, senior scientist from CSIR – NGRI, Hyderabad today carry on electric tomography survey to see on rock strata and also the loose formation in the service.

The Plenys-Chennai technology comprising Dr Vineet Kumar and his team at present using and ROV to survey the nearby shaft .The Indian Navy divers at present are trying to recover the ROV which get stuck since last night.

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