All organizers for any function in Shillong City should coordinate with the SMB:DC

Shillong, December 15: The Deputy Commissioner, East Khasi Hills District in a general notice informed that organizers of social, cultural, recreational, political, religious events and other private or public functions, gatherings, assembly, processions, etc. taking place across the city should coordinate with the Shillong Municipal Board or with the concerned Local Authorities for making necessary arrangements on systematic collection, segregation, disposal and overall management of wastes generated prior, during and after the event. Coordination with Shillong Municipal Board in both Municipal and Non-Municipal areas is subject to payment.

In addition, there should be strict adherence to the various Waste Management Rules in all public and private locations hosting marriage functions, picnics, and various other celebrations, events and festivities which are generally organized or observed during the Winter Holiday seasons.

Littering and indiscriminate dumping of garbage will attract penalties under section 102 of the Meghalaya Police Act, 2010. Thereafter, a fine of Rs.5,000/- onwards will be imposed upon conviction by a Court Law. Detected cases should be reported immediately to the nearest Police Station or Outpost.

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