Any work on the road side is prohibited, if found will be arrested or fine of Rs.5000 :SP

Shillong, April 11: With a view to keep order on public roads and streets, thoroughfares or any place in order to prevent obstruction, injury or annoyance to passerby or pollution, the Superintendent of Police, East Khasi Hills District, Shillong in pursuance of Section 101 of the Meghalaya Police Act, 2010.

The Superintendent  of Police has requested all workshops and proprietors to stop carrying out their works on public roads and streets and thoroughfares and also all vehicles owners are requested to get modified exhaust silencers repaired which should not emit loud and hazardous sounds and get their LED lights removed, unless made by the manufacturer of the vehicle.

Any person not obeying the lawful order issued may be arrested U/S 102 of the aforesaid Act and on conviction by the Hon’ble Court of Law, shall be liable to a fine of Rs. 5,000/- (Rupees five thousand) only.

The order has been issued in view of the rampant repairing of vehicles/fitting of accessories carried by different workshop/proprietors on the public roads and streets and thoroughfares causing annoyance to the general public and free flow of traffic. Moreover, there has also been tremendous increase of modification of different types of vehicles by either modifying the exhaust silencers emitting loud and hazardous sounds and fitting of LED lights which has been causing annoyance to the passerby and the general public.


This order shall be applicable throughout the jurisdiction of East Khasi Hills District.East Khasi Hills District Police is anticipating the co-operation from the general public and in case they find any violators, the details may kindly be provided to the nearest Police Station/BH/OP or PCR (0364-2222277, 2215427, 2226042).



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