AYC asked Smti Alva to apologies from the organisation for making remark in social Media

IMG-20180515-WA0064Shillong, May 17:  The A∙chik Youth Council have taken a resolution to file defamation sue in accordance with law for defaming the prestige of AYC and GSU, Ampati, giving misinformation to the people against Alva Sangma if she fails to apologize to AYC within 14 days, said Mr Silnang Ch. Marak Assistant General Secretary A∙chik Youth Council (AYC), Apex Executive Council in the press statement.

In the press statement Mr Silnang said that the A∙chik Youth Council is a non-political body. It does not have any political linkage. According to Article 7 (vi) and  (vii) of the Constitution of AYC, its aim and objectives; the preservation of natural heritage, historical places and its scenic beauty is one of the top priority of A∙chik Youth Council.

The derogatory remarks posted by Alva Sangma in Facebook Social Media on 15th May 2018 is baseless and she does not have true facts. The AYC asked who is Smti  Alva Sangma to interfere and write against them, If so, why she didn’t contact those numbers which she posted on facebook to know the detail information and reality.

The team members of A∙chik Youth Council and some members of the GSU Ampati Zone went to the site and found that the construction is going on without the knowledge of A∙king Nokma of that village Dalbotpara and Nokma of Bolchugre Bandalkona, Ampati.

Therefore, the members of AYC and GSU Ampati ask the workers to stop the construction until the concerned department give clarification to the Nokma and villagers and concerned NGOs. The AYC clarified that team members do not chase the workers or labours who are working on the spot. They do not ask to stop the construction on grounds of election code of conduct but on grounds of preserving natural heritage site bless to us.

The most important part is that the spot is a historical heritage place and its scenic beauty will be destroyed by such construction. The place is famous as “home of ‘Te∙teng’ ”or home of an elf or fay. The spot is blessed with “Te∙teng Am∙pok or foot stool, Te∙teng Cha∙am or Cha∙sam or mortar, Milk Waterfall, Matchu Karam barn or cow shed and those things are still available there.

Sometimes one can see the crab which size may be equal to Garo Ruan. Such historical places are monument or legacy of the Garos and it should be preserved without any disturbance.

There is something behind the screen in constructing and destroying the scenic beauty of that area. The whole area will be collapsed and natural historical place will be vanished. The department just asked Nokma to construct water tank on the site. The place is preserve as a social forestry by the Dalbotpara A∙king Nokma in order to safeguard the flora and fauna or traditional values but without obtaining ‘no objection certificate’ from the A∙king Nokma the said department starting to destroy the beauty of nature.

How can a department start construction without any written consent from A∙king Nokma under Sixth Scheduled? Are they not aware of Sixth Schedule law or blindly working on it? If she does not know, then she should vacate her seat. Natural heritage is always source of information and document (s) of proofs of the past.

Later, the team members left the construction spot and went to the Boder Area Development Office, Ampati but found that officer’s chair is empty. So, the members handed over a visiting card to Junior Engineer (JE) of the Border Area Development Office, Ampati, South West Garo Hills, informing JE to ask Border Area Development Officer to call on those number.

Then, how Alva Sangma can claim that AYC and GSU member left their card on the construction spot. And it is a big question as to how visiting card reach to Alva Sangma. Is she has direct connection to that Office? It shows her direct involvement in that project and involvement of JE or BADO with Alva Sangma. It is a game plan to defame the prestige of AYC and GSU, Ampati. A∙chik Youth Council, last year filed RTI from BADO, Ampati and still pursuing or monitoring its projects, so they are trying to defame the Council.


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