GSMC today lead the demonstration in the state capital Shillong to demand for spate Garoland

Shillong, Dec 05: The Conglomeration of different organization under the banner of Garo State Movement Committee (GSMC) today held a demonstration in the state capital Shillong, in the additional secretariat parking lot to demand for a separate Garoland.

The Chairman of the GSMC Mr Nikman Ch Marak told media person that this demonstration that was held today is to show to the government that the people of Garo Hills want to get their separate state through democratic means.

The demand for separate Garoland is not a new subject, this demand was there for a very long time, but they just revived their demand in 2012, in the name of the GSMC. The demonstration that they organized today is to show that they need a Garoland since they are different tribe from the Khasi and Jiantia.

The two political leaders from the state late Hopingstone Lyngdoh of the HSPDP and late Clifort R marak of the GNC have jointly submitted their memorandum to the Prime Minister of India for separate Khasi Jaintia state and for the Garo, the GSMC just follow the footstep shown by them.

Answering to quires, the Chairman of the GSMC Mr marak said that till date they have not illustrate any kind of map as appear in local media, first they want to demand from the central and state government to take a resolution for creation of separate State for the Garo know as Garoland.

In the demonstration held today in shillong hundreds of people from Garo Hills has come to support the GSMC demonstration in Shillong along with their banners and placards written that they want separate Garoland.

In the demonstration they have shouted slogan, “Bye Bye Meghalaya, Give us Garoland”, they have also shouted that “No Garoland No rest” they have written in the banner that  Garoland is their birth right.


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