The INC will hold agitation on Saturday to protest the proposed work permit to Bangladeshi National

Shillong, April 12: To protest on the proposed work permit to be issued to the Bangladeshi National by the Meghalaya Democratic Alliance (MDA) Government in Meghalaya, the former Chief Minister Dr Mukul Sangma who is also leader of the opposition in the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly told the media at the Congress Bhavan that the Congress party will organized agitation on coming Saturday in Shillong and Mendipathar in Garo Hills.

Dr Mukul Said that, the congress will not allowed the proposed work permit to Bangladeshi National; if the state government moves ahead with the proposal the Congress party wills garner support from the public to protest and to ensure that the proposed work permit has to be stop.

The former Chief Minister Dr Mukul recall in the previous government, the  government has involved all stakeholders  for discussion and they have spent lot of time on the issued have to tackle influx, but this proposed work permit by the present government it defeat the purpose of checking influx in the state.

Dr Mukul asked it not a fact that the youths form our state is in searched of job in other state in the country. So where is the question of issued work permit to the Bangladeshi National, people of North East area against the proposed amendment to the National Citizenship Act because of the dangers of influx that will come from Bangladesh to the North Eastern state, he said.

The Former Chief Minister said that as a political party they are worried about it what will happen to the future generation. The Indian National Congress will not allowed it and if need will have state wide protest.


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