Election for the post of President and GS of the GSU Rongjeng Unit will be held in 4th May

Shillong, April 17: The president of the GSU central boday Mr Tengsak G Maonin said that, due  to the overwhelming demand for election of  the GSU Rongjeng Unit in the meeting on the 4th April 2018 at Thamring Memorial Girls School where the present GSU Rongjeng Unit has been dissolved by the students of Rongjeng.

In respond to the situation the meeting Proceedings have been submitted to the central body  on the 9th April’2018. It has been brought to my knowledge that more than 200 students attended the meeting and has demanded for fresh election based on the fact that the term of GSU Rongjeng Unit has completed.

In the meeting, the students from Holy Family School, United Higher Secondary School, Vivian Academy School, Tamring Memorial School, Darusak Bandasal School, Rongjeng Govt M.E. School, Mother’s Union School and etc have participated in the meeting to demand for the GSU Rongjeng Unit election.

The GSU CEC, Tura has held an emergency meeting to discuss on the subject and the decision has been taken to conduct the GSU Rongjeng Unit elections for the post of the President and the General Secretary. The election date has been fixed as the 4th of May’2018. The GSU CEC, Tura is in the process of appointment of the Chief Election Commissioner for the GSU Rongjeng Unit election. Further instructions for election will be communicated at a later stage.




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