False propaganda coming from Congress shows that they are scared:Rowell

Mawkyrwat, January 13: The  NPP leader and candidate from Pynursla constituency, in a felicitation ceremony of Mr. Rowell Lyngdoh at Mawkyrwat on Friday, warned the people of Meghalaya to be careful in availing the last-minute schemes distributed by Dr. Mukul Sangma. One such scheme is the Empowerment of Women Scheme, which was inaugurated way back in 2012. He cited an example of how beneficiaries of this scheme were asked by banks to repay the loan that was disbursed through this scheme.

Mr. Tynsong also accused Dr. Sangma of looting the people and the state by introducing useless schemes for farmers like agar and Anthurium plantations. As Forest minister he had expressed his reservations about the viability of such schemes. He even visited the Forest Research Institute, Dehradun to meet scientists on the agar plantation scheme and on the basis of their feedback dissuaded the chief minister from going ahead with it because a similar plantation in Kerala did not yield any results.

But Dr. Mukul Sangma had brought his own ‘scientists’ from Singapore and went ahead with the scheme, which involved a financial expenditure of around Rs. 70-80 crore. Moreover, the process of procurement of agar samplings is not transparent and the entire project is being implemented by consultants from outside the state.

According to Mr. Tynsong, the money could have been distributed to the farmers who would have used their wisdom and experience to plant what is most suitable for them. He cited this as an example of Dr. Mukul Sangma’s modus operandi to make money. He urged the people of Meghalaya to put an end to this system of looting the people and to teach Mukul Sangma a lesson.

Mr. Rowell Lyngdoh who spoke in the meeting clarified that even though he’s been with the Congress for more than 30 years, he was kicked out from the Congress by the two doctors (Dr. Mukul and Dr. D.D. Lapang) because he fought for the development of the area and because they claimed that he’s too old.

He also said that he’s contesting again now because he has unfinished business. Even though the district South West Khasi Hills was formed under his leadership, yet there are many pending works to be done for the district. One small example, is the 100-bed hospital which was supposed to be built before the one in Ampati, but till date it couldn’t be completed, because the Chief Minister, Dr. Mukul Sangma who is the Finance Minister has blocked the fund to complete the hospital.

Besides this many other projects initiated by him like the setting up of ITI, Teacher’s Training Institute, District Courts and other development projects haven’t even started, even though the government has acquired the required land.

He also mentioned that he had met Mr. Nitin Gadkari , Road and Transport Minister, GOI and apprised him about roads and connectivities of the area, because the Chief Minister never listens when he brings up these agendas, as his only interest is Ampati,  and now they are in the process of preparing a DPR to build a dual road and bring the National Highway from Lad Mawreng Junction.

It is sad that the Congress party has no other issues to fight the 2018 polls and is busy in indulging in a campaign of lies and misinformation.  National People’s Party is not  “Team – B” of BJP. This also points to the desperation of the Congress and its utter lack of imagination and creativity.

The NPP would like to reiterate to the people of Meghalaya that the NPP has its own principles and ideology and we have fought and we will always fight for the rights of our people and raise concerns on critical issues and agenda affecting the indigenous people and minorities.Assam Congress MP Sushmita Dev’s allegations lack facts and is totally false and fabricated. It seems that Ms. Sushmita Dev doesn’t understand the difference between electoral politics and governance.

The false propaganda which is coming from Congress party only shows that they are scared to fight the 2018 battle and they are indulging in their age-old tactics of lies and spreading mis-information to confuse and divide the people of Meghalaya. But the NPP is confident in the wisdom in the people of Meghalaya and we know that the Congress’s tactics and false propaganda will not work here.

The beauty of democracy is that it gives an equal opportunity to all parties to come with their agenda to the people. The NPP respects the Constitution of India and believes in the democratic system of this great nation. For too long Meghalaya has been under the bondage of corruption and mis-governance. Today, realising the needs and aspirations of the people of Meghalaya, the NPP comes to the people with a mandate for change and for a corruption-free Meghalaya which will enable its people to achieve their dreams and aspirations.

We reiterate that we would march ahead with the active cooperation and support from our people to build a new and resurgent Meghalaya.  Our stand is very clear. We are fighting this election alone and we have not entered into any alliance or partnership with any political parties.

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