FKJGP Garo Hills endorse the demand of KHNAM to enhance the recruitment age

Shillong, October 10: The FKJGP Garo Hills Zone,Tura on 8th October 2017 had an executive meeting at Tura, Dakopgre. The meeting was attended by Secretaries and several other members. The meeting was chaired by the President Mr. Pritam R Marak President FKJGP Garo Hills Zone, Tura.

On the onset of the meeting the members present discuss on the various issues pertaining to the Garo Hills and State as a whole. One of the main agenda was to support the issue raised by the political party KHNAM regarding the age limit in Govt. Sevices.

The FKJGP Garo Hills Zone in its executive meeting resolved that the age limit in the Govt. Services must be 35 years and 5 years relaxation for Tribals and 30 years for general Category. It is known that as per as the recent norms in UPSC the age limit is 35 yrs. The FKJGP Garo Hills Zone urged upon the Meghalaya Government to follow the norms set by the UPSC for larger interest of the people of Meghalaya.

The FKJGP Garo Hills Zone on the very meeting dissolved three of it circle the Rongram Circle, Selsella Circle and Dalu Circle and at the same time they have re-constitutedthe Zonal Executive Committee. The New Zonal Executive committee and  Mr Pritam R Marak as the president, Vice President Mr Murphy D Shira, General Secretary Mr Raksrang A Sangma and many others office bears.

On the agenda members further discussed to organized socio- economic movement in Garo Hills Tura. The FKJGP CEC started the Socio-economic movement at Shillong at the first phase following the FKJGP Garo Hills Zone will launch its second phase on November 2017 as  part of the same movement.

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