It takes the seven hours for SDRF responses to clear fallen tree from Raj Bhavan

Shillong, August 13: The State Disaster Response Force of the Meghalaya Civil Defence and Home Guards yesterday swung into action following a tragic incident which claimed three lives when a massive tree fell on top of three local taxis at the tri-junction near Governor House on Saturday evening.

The incident which occurred around 4:30 pm  in the afternoon claimed three lives when a massive tree growing inside the compound of the Governor’s official residence fell and smashed upon three local taxis which where plying through the tri junction. An SDRF team comprising of 13 personnel led by Officer in Charge with Fire & Emergency Services worked to recover the bodies of victims trapped inside the local taxis, one of which bore the full brunt of the tree’s impact and was almost completely flattened.

The incident saw the teamwork of different departments namely the SDRF, Fire and  Emergency Services, Police, Forest and PWD department. Officials and personnel from these departments worked tirelessly nonstop for 6-7 hours to clear the massive tree which had to be cut into smaller sections before being pulled away to clear the crucial road.

Meanwhile, Officer in Charge SDRF has appealed to the general public not to crowd a site of incident in future as this not only hampers the efforts of the SDRF and other emergency services to make such site of incident safe but more importantly it poses a great threat to the public.

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