Khasi Musical items at private museum at Mawshabuit village


Shillong, Aug 12: A collection of musical items collected at the private museum of Mr Kyntiewbor War at Mawshabuit village, in these museum various musicial instrument of the Khasi tribe was collected.

KSING NAKRA: (Standing drum of the Khasi Tribe): Ksing Nakra displayed here is the same as ‘Ka Bom’ but are referred to by different names. Cow’s skin is used in making these instruments. The wooden portion is taken from ‘U dieng Sohphan (Jack Fruit Tree)’ Used at all important Khasi festivals.

KSING SHYNRANG: (Male Drum): This is a cylindrical shaped and is a double-membrane instrument. On the right side of the drum cow’s skin is used and the musician uses a stick to beat this end. On the left side goat’s skin is used and the musician uses his hand to play this side. This is to indicate the dual role of the maternal uncle in his mother’s clan. The male drum is used in religious beats as well as non-religious beats.

 KSING KYNTHEI: (Female Drum): The shape of this drum is rounder and its size is smaller as compared to Ksing Shynrang with the right side being slightly bigger than that of the left side. Goat’s skin is used on both sides and since it is softer two layers are used. The female drum is played with hands and is also sparingly used only on special occasions for socio-cultural dance beats.

 KSING PADIAH: (Small Drum): Made from the trunk of Jack Fruit Tree, the Padiah produces a soft sound and two long flat sticks are used to beat this drum for female dance beats. The Female Drum along with this drum are usually used in the dancing arena. The Padiah is bowl-shaped and goat’s skin is used.(SP News)




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  1. Amitabha Bhattacharyya says:

    Does the female drum have a circle of tuning paste or syahi on it? I am doing some work on drums with the circle and would like to know.

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