KHNAM submitted a memorandum to the chief engineer PWD on bad Road in the State

Shillong, December 05: Today the KHNAM (Khun Hynniewtrep National awakening Movement submitted a memorandom to the chief Engineer PWD (Roads).

In this memorandom the Khnam stated that the govt. of Meghalaya through the department of PWD (roads) have time and again turned a blind eye to the roads conditions of the rural areas located at the Khasi hills district, Jaintia Hills district and the Ri-Bhoi district and and its seen that more emphasis have been given to Garo hills which is Biased and unjustified.

Speaking to the media person Mr. Thomas Passah stated that the latest tender notified by the PWD roads have made it further clear that prejudiced  culture is being adopted by the department on roads developments in the state, where by some areas are given more important than others.

The tender notified have shown crores of rupees for repair/construction of roads located at Garo hills and very less attention is being paid to the roads located at other regions, and we are of the opinion that equal distribution of developmental projects should be ensured to all areas of the state all the time.

For instance, the MAwthabah­-Wahkaji road has been on the taking point for the last few months, Whereby funds have been promised by the KHADC for the improvement of subject roads, but its surprising that no amount have been allocated for the repair and construction of Wahkaji-Mawthabah roads in SWKH.

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