KHNAM urged the Central Puja Committee to come up with eco-friendly idol

Shillong, Oct 11: The KHNAM State Youth Wing earlier this year has put up a request to the Chief Minister Shri Conrad Sangma to set rules and policy towards eco-friendly idol and idol immersion in order to safeguard our water bodies However, it is still yet to be seen whether the Government has taken any appropriate steps towards the same.

The KHNAM State Youth Wing has written to the Central Puja Committee today, expressing concerned over the continuous pollution of water bodies due to usage of material like Plaster of Paris, clothes, plastics, small iron rods, Bamboo and paints like varnish, water colours which lead to significant alteration in the water quality after immersion.

The Central Pollution Board has already pointed out the effect of these floating materials released through idol in the river after decomposition which results in eutrophication, increase in acidity and heavy metal concentration, the heavy metal pollution caused by idol immersion further damages the ecosystem.

It is everyone’s concerned and responsibility to safeguard our rivers and water bodies. Therefore, we have urged the Central Puja Committee to come up with a large scale eco-friendly idol immersion process after the puja concludes later this month. Usage of eco-friendly materials as notified by the Central Pollution Control Board needs to be adhered to.

There is a need to ensure that all the puja pandalsin the state takes the green pledge in the individual capacity. Suggestion for preparation of makeshift pond for mass immersion has also been made to the CPC.

There is an urgent need for the Government to immediately taken necessary steps and issue necessary guidelines to all concerned with consultation with the State Pollution Board.




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