Labour Commissioner called the MPWU to discuss their various grievances

Shillong, November 03: The Labour Commisioner called the leaders of the MPWU tomorrow to discuss their various grievances regarding their working conditions and wages and statutory benefits like ESI, PF, Leave, Maternity Benefits etc. The MPWU will be lodging a complain tomorrow with the labour commissioner office  regarding the violation of Trade Union Act by MeECL.

Officers of the MeECL walked out of the discussion with the agitating longstanding casual workers of the Corporation organized under the officially registered MeECL Progressive Workers’ Union. Although management had officially written to the Union for a discussion on the various demands of the workers represented by the Union.

The President, Secretary and six executive members, Joint Secretary, Corporate Affairs in a blatant violation of the Trade Union Act (section 6 and 22) refused to recognize the executive duly elected by the Union and walked out of the meeting.

The MPWU therefore submitted their 10 point Charter of Demands to the Management without any discussion. MPWU condemns this illegal behavior on the part of the management and is shocked at them going back on their own official invitation to the Union.

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