Meghalaya Police inform that traffic arrangement in Don Bosco is reverted back

Shillong, October 02: This is for information of the general public that after a trial run of about eight months with effect from   8th February, 2017 till September, 2017 where it was found that the new traffic arrangement could not bring any traffic improvement at Don Bosco point and its adjoining localities and also considering the steepness of the Jacob Ladder Road where much inconvenience is being observed, the traffic arrangement is hereby reverted back with effect from   4th October, 2017.

Vehicles coming from Laitumkhrah and wanting to go to St. Anthony’s College can go down through Jacob’s Ladder Road and not the reverse way. Vehicles coming from St. Anthony’s College and wanting to proceed to Laitumkhrah can exit through St. Mary’s College-Shillong Commerce College Road.

Vehicles coming from Shillong Commerce College and Shillong College can exit through St. Mary’s College towards Don Bosco Point.Vehicles can enter Upland Road through Red Hill Junction and exit at Don Bosco and not the reverse way.

Vehicles will continue to climb from Lower Lachummiere towards St. Stephen Hall road and exit at Don Bosco Square. At the same time, vehicles can come from Don Bosco and exit down through Jacob’s Ladder road.

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