MHRC passed order to pay compensation to labourers die of electrocution in NGH District  

Shillong Oct 28: The Meghalaya Human Right Commission has passed an order to an incident of electrocution that take place on 26-07-2018 in Manikganj Village in North Garo Hills where five labourers lost their lives and five others seriously injured.

The Chairman of the Meghalaya Human Right Commission Dr Justice A.H Saikia Chairperson and Mr P.J.P Hanaman members of the MHRC has passed the order related with the case number MHRC CASE NO. 22l2.O18 on the 24th.10.2018 directed the Government of Meghalaya through the Chief Secretary to pay compensation two Lakhs  each to the labourers who die in the incident and Fifty thousand each to thus who are seriously injured.

Two communications dated 03-08-2018 and  05-10-2O18 have been put on record by which report has been sought for from the Senior electrical Inspector Government of Meghalaya, Shillong. Be it noted that the notice was, considering the gravity of the issue, sent to the Chief Secretary, Meghalaya.

In view of the facts situation, the State Commission is this matter has not been taken up seriously by the concerned consideration of the facts and circumstances, the Commission pass an interim order which is recorded as under.

The Government of Meghalaya through its Chief Secretary is directed to pay compensation for Rs 2(two) lakhs each to the five deceased who have been identified, as Jonaludin (35), Sanmia (36), Asraf A1i (35), Sanwar Rehman (27) (all blionging to Merarchor village in Bongaigaon, (Assam), and Depan Rabha (33) of Chotomiapara village under mendipathar in North Garo Hills.

The Government of Meghalaya through its Chief Secretary is also directed to pay compensation of Rs. 50,000/- (rupees fifty thousand only) each for five other seriously injured labourers, namely, Biren A1i (30), Sayed Ali (25), Omar A1i (40), Kowedh Ali (30) and Abibil Ahmed (19).

The compensations as quantified herein above is to be paid to the next of kin of the deceased individuals above named through the Deputy Commissioner to the concerned District. In so far as the injured persons are concerned, the interim relief as quantified above is to be paid to them individually through the Deputy Commissioner to the concerned District.

The entire payment of the compensation amount for the deceased and to the injured should be made within the period of 60 days from the date of receipt of the order. The Government of Meghalaya is at liberty to approach the State Commission for modification or relocation of the interim relief as ordered, if and so advised.

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