Mixed marriage is a social intrusion; benami business is economic intrusion: Sengbath

Tura, May 26: That AYWO General Body held its 9th Annual Conference on 24-25 May 2019 at Anogre Multi Facility Centre. The leaders’ of various NGOs attended the meeting and the program was graced by Advocate Goldling R Sangma Chief of Core Legal Team AYWO as Chief Guest. Simultaneously the leaders’ of AYWO (CGB) takes ‘Oath of Commitment’ and it was administered by Legal Adviser of AYWO Mr Goldling Sangma.

While addressing the gathering, Mr  Adinson Momin, Founding President of AYWO stressed on the need of upholding the Constitution of AYWO and urged all the Members’ of AYWO to be firm in ideology and pursue the issues with Honesty.

Adinson says, ‘AYWO is apolitical and need no patronage of any Political  Party and he hope that the Present leaders’ led by Sengbath Chambugong will do the same’. ‘AYWO stands for what is right. Let the Present Leadership of AYWO be guided with Ideology and as a Founding President he wish them All the Best.

Dalseng Bira also attended the Program and expressed his hope and confidence in the AYWO. ‘Since 2015 we are fighting unitedly with AYWO for various issues and in no point of time, this Organisation loose hope in anything. This positive attitude of the AYWO leaders’ will lead them to success’.

‘We are being threatened by illegal immigrants and AYWO is also fighting tirelessly for containing the menace and as a result of untiring efforts and relentless agitations  by 13 NGOs of Meghalaya  including AYWO, Meghalaya govt is coming up with Entry Exit Point of which more than 20(Twenty) is in Garo Hills.’

FKJGP Garo Hills Zone President Shri Pritam Arengh Marak addressed the gathering and urges all the attendees of the Program not to underestimate yourself and reminded that nobody can succeed with Ego and self eccentric attitude.

‘Mahatma Gandhi used to imitate English Gentleman and wants to become one of them. He even pressurised his father to buy the fancy watch, which English Gentleman wore. Who visioned Mahatma Gandhi will freed India from the clutches of British.The point is anybody can reach to its goal if one can dismiss his ego and walk the path of Honesty.’ Pritam added.

The GSU CEC President and key Member of MITCRM; Meghalaya Indigenous Tribals Constitutional Rights Movement Mr Tengsak Momin, also attended the gathering and share a few words. He express his gratitude for being invited and thank God for giving the opportunity.  “If you fall ten times, learn how to rise eleven times. If we don’t learn how to rise, then we will be ‘like a frog in the well’.

Mr Tengsak also urge all to be prepared to fight for our Motherland.” Government can take us to jail, but they cannot erase our love for our Motherland and it is our fundamental Duty to protect our Land. We cannot blame God if we lost our Pristine Backyard. It is high time that every likeminded Organizations like AYWO to campaign aggressively and make sure that our demand is met”.

While giving his maiden Speech as President of AYWO, Sengbath Chambugong, thanks all the invitees as well as  all the attendees for participating in the program.  “AYWO since its inception is fighting with one basic point; to safeguard our Tribe from unabated intrusion, be it socially, economically and politically.”

‘Mixed marriage is a social intrusion, benami business by Non Tribals is economic intrusion and participation of Non Tribals in GHADC is political intrusion. Not only this, intrusion in many fields is the order of the day.” stated Sengbath.

He warned all to become part of history if we deny taking part in this Noble fight to secure our future. He also stated that no one can suppress us if we stand as one.

“One bee is ignored, but when millions join together, even the bravest runs in fear. If we stand united, we will not be divided. If we are divided, our backyard will be invaded.” added Sengbath urging AYWO Members’ to be stand united in every adversity, and be ready to fight for our birthright.

“Togan Nengminja made his ultimate sacrifice by defending our freedom from British intrusion. In today’s’ context, the intruders’ may not be Britishers’, but intrusion is going on, be it social, political etc. If they  fail to defend our rights today, their  grand children will not be able to live freely in our Motherland tomorrow like we are doing today.

Mr Sengbath  said that if “Our land will be swamped by the outsiders’ if we don’t  bother to noticed. These outsiders’ in return will harass our Tribe in every sphere of life and compelled us to leave the place. Therefore, we have to stand as one  and fight till the last breath until our goal of Protection is reached.”

AYWO also burnt the effigies of BJP leaders’ in protest against the inclusion of CAB in their Manifesto. Addressing the gathering, Vice President of AYWO Shri Silkam Marak urge all to be aware of CAB which is detrimental and suicidal for all the NE states and will fight tooth and nail if BJP dares to push the Anti NE Legislation. Said Mr Lyiend Roshan Marak general Secretary in the press statement issued today.



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