MPHRC on the IHR Day slam the Govt for lagging in protecting human rights

Shillong, Dec 10: On the occasion of the International Human Rights Day being observed today the 10th December The Meghalaya Peoples’ Human Rights Council (MPHRC) has strongly slam the Government both in the State and the Centre for lagging behind in promoting and protecting human rights and their failure to ensure human dignity, long lasting peace and sustainable development.

“The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) 1948 is as relevant today as it was  proclaimed. It states 30 rights and freedoms that belong to human beings, including the right to freedom of thought, freedom of religion and belief, freedom of expression and freedom of peaceful assembly and association” said MPHRC.

“Human Rights recognises the equal dignity and worth of every person and we call upon the government to fulfil its obligation in ensuring standards of life that enable all to live with dignity, equality and freedom said Dino D.G. Dympep, Chairman MPHRC

“This observation is an opportunity for all of us, civil society groups and individuals to reaffirm the enduring human rights principles and standards it has helped to establish and let us  reaffirm the shared commitment to maintain and to advance human rights” said MPHRC.

“Today, more than ever, MPHRC stands in firm solidarity with all civil society groups and their movements who have persistently opposed the various repressive laws such as the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) which are harmful to the indigenous peoples in the State and the entire North East India” said MPHRC.

“Civil society groups continue to face constant threats and reprisals by the Government and their movements is shrinking day by day with numerous restrictions curtailing the basic freedoms such as freedom of expression, assembly and association” said Dino D.G. Dympep, Chairman MPHRC.

“It is worrying to note that the Government has failed to live to their human rights commitments and obligations. The failure is glaring in their unwillingness or denial to promote and protect human rights and to establish accountability for the violations” said MPHRC.

“We believes that promoting the respect for human rights is a must to build a society based on equality, peace and justice. It reiterates its full appreciation and support to the efforts of civil society groups to this end, and strongly calls on all upon the Government  to take earnest measures to translate their human rights pledges into action” conclude MPHRC.


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