Mr Banshai written to the Government to conduct an enquiry against Super Care Hospital

Mr Bansgai address the mediaShillong, July 31: Mr Banshai Marbaniang of Mawsynram village has written a letter to the Health Minister Government of Meghalaya Smti Roshan Warjri asking the state government to conduct an inquiry, in connection with the hospitalization of  Miss. Risahun Iangjuh in the Super Care Hospital, Shillong.

The letter written by Mr Banshai Marbaniang to the Health Minister read as. Dear Madam,In connection with the subject cited above, I would like to inform to your kind office in regarding the inconsiderately hospitalization by a Super Care Hospital to a child named Miss. Risahun Iangjuh, a daughter of Smti. Anita Iangjuh and Shri. Kedar Marak a residents of Hatmawdon Village of Mawsynram C&RD Block, East Khasi Hills District.

Mr  Kedar Marak (Father of the Child), he told me that at first his child getting infection by a Ringworm (Khaid) and suddenly her skin started burning. Thus, they have going to show to the Doctors at Ryngku PHC and the Doctors there referred directly to NEIGRIHMS. Moreover, after some few days while staying at NEIGRIHMS, the Doctors there suggest them to go to Guwahati for attending Higher Medical Center for emergency hospitalization and better management. They are taking their child to GMC Hospital in Guwahati and here also they are facing problems due to Financial constrain and not attending by the doctors for a whole day, they have returned again in Shillong at Woodland Hospital and due to non-available of room for hospitalized they have been referred to Super Care Hospital on the same day for hospitalization.

Thus, the Super Care Hospital did not say anything regarding this matter or even cannot take care for her from the moment while admitting into the hospital. While receiving the report from Super Care Hospital (Annexure – 1), Ms. Risahun Iangjuh is currently admitted in the Hospital since 9th June, 2017 and the child having a 3rd Degree Burn Injury of about 40% of her body burns and she needs further hospitalization for Plastic Surgery.

Thus, as per the conversation having between me and Dr. Thangkhiew (Owner of the Hospital), I inform him that they are coming from a very poor family and they need an emergency help because their daughter having a very serious condition while seeing the infection into her body. The Doctor (Dr. Thangkhiew) told me that in this case the hospital will conduct a Plastic Surgery for her and it will take times for conducting Plastic Surgery due to seriously condition and moreover it will involved such a highest expenditure and the Hospital will wait until the Meghalaya Health Insurance Scheme (MHIS) functioned and by that time they will help them by deducting the amount from MHIS, besides that he told me that, however when MHIS is under management, the Hospital will take care for her and should having no worries about it.

Therefore, Risahun Iangjuh Staying in the Hospital for almost 2 (two) Month until she has been discharge from the Hospital on 29th July, 2017 without any attending the Plastic Surgery as confirmed by the hospital. Thus, again I have met Dr. Thangkhiew to discuss this matter related to Risahun Iangjuh on why did the Hospital discharge her without any attending or even conducting the Plastic Surgery. The Doctor replies in a very rude manner which is unacceptable.

Risahun’s father said that the staff in the hospital told them that, they have sending them back home for collecting funds not for medical treatment their daughter and the staff also told them that by the time when they are getting funds they can come back again for hospitalization.  As we are all aware about the medical treatment in rural areas, where will they find Higher Medical Attendance except PHC or CHC?

While seeing this case, the hospital till date did not explain anything regarding the Plastic Surgery for her. As I have seen that the hospitals started collecting funds from the Patients by taking an advantages and keeping them in the hospital for so long without any responsibility or even bother about them, especially when they are coming from a very poor families and due to lack of knowledge.

As I have the conversation with Dr. Anamika Mall, MBBS, DCH & Paediatrics she inform me that the hospital asking financial support of about Rs. 3,00,000.00 ( Three Lakh) from Meghalaya Health Insurance Scheme (MHIS) for Medical treatment to Risahun Iangjuh, but they have received Rs. 1.20,000.00 (One lakh twenty thousand) only from MHIS on 6th July, 2017. Therefore, they have kept silently without informing to Risahun’s Parents on this matter until suddenly the hospital asking them to leave from the Hospital on 29th July, 2017 without unknown.

The questions now arise, what is the used of having hospitals? And why did the hospitals dealing business with patients through MHIS, and if the hospital cannot treat them directly they will have to inform them that cannot be treated here in the Hospital like that kind of diseased. In this case I demand to know that the Government having a policy or not while implementing MHIS in the State.

I put an appeal to the Government to conduct an enquiry in this matter relating to the case of Miss Risahun Iangjuh and I therefore needs to know that if the Government did not have the policy in implementing MHIS in the State, the Government should make the policy as soon as possible, so that peoples and hospitals will aware on how to used MHIS or before supporting the patients into any hospitals for assistance the bills. MHIS Staffs should observe the hospitals and even the patients too for not having any issues to the Government or even misused the Scheme by them.

So, in light with the above, I have a strong suspicious in relating with this matter as mention above, that there is a major illegal discharge and corruption of the Super Care Hospital which is against the law, especially Health related issues in dealing with MHIS.

Therefore, I appeal to your kind authority, that the department should look into this matter concerning towards my appeal by conducting an enquiry, so that it can be stopped as soon as possible until further arrangement is taken write Mr Banshai Marbaniang in his letter sent to the health minister today with a copy to Mr H. M. Shangpliang, Secretary I/c Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of Meghalaya.


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