Mr Comingone assured the MPWU that he will asked for information from the MeECL

Shillong, October 18: The Union Executives of MeECL Progressive Workers Union (MPWU), a registered union of the longstanding casual workers of MeECL, from all around Meghalaya met Mr Comingone Ymbon, Power Minister of Govt. of Meghalaya and apprised him of their demands and the ongoing peaceful protests around the state.

They were assured by the minister that they he will look into the matter and he will gather information from the Management of MeECL. However, the union has decided to continue its black flag and lunch time protest meetings across the state till such time that the management has fair and open discussions with MPWU on the various demands.

The Demands include of the Workers is that they will not sign any illegal contract, they should get equal pay for equal work as mandated by supreme court order of 26th October 2016 should be immediately implemented till such time that regularisation is done as due process.

All workers entitlements as per existing Labour laws such as Leave, Gratuity and eran leave, Overtime, Bonus, PF, Employers State Insurance or ESI to ensure health coverage, accident compensation, Maternity benefits, creches, protection from Sexual Harassment etc should be accorded to all workers of MeECL.

Workers are currently on minimum wage as per April 2015 labour dept notification even though new rates have been announced and hence all arrears due should be released. The Union will also be meeting the Labour Minister on Tuesday 24th October in this regard.

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