Mr Sanbor Local MLA inaugurated the additional water supple at Kench’s Trace

Shillong, November 12: The MCIC in collaboration with the Dorbar Dong of Inverneil, Kench’s Trace and Upper Kench’s Trace, Shillong organized the inauguration function for Implementation of Additional Water Supply Scheme for Tender Care School and Kench’s Trace Areas, sanctioned under PHE Department the scheme was planned, initiated and recommended by Mr Sanbor Shullai MLA.

The function was presided over by Shri B M R Chyne, Convener of Dorbar Shnong Kench’s Trace, Shillong, in presence of Shri K B Nongbri, Rangbah Dong, Inverniel-Kench’s Trace, Shri Moonstar Shangpliang, Rangbah Dong, Kench’s Trace, Shri V Pamthied, Rangbah Dong Upper Kench’s Trace, the speakers in the function has appreciated and lauded the initiative and sustained efforts of Shri Sanbor Shullai, MLA, for bringing various kind of developmental schemes from various departments especially the Additional Water Supply Scheme of the areas which has fulfilled the long long aspiration of the people of greater Kench’s Trace area in particular and the 19th South Shillong Constituency in general.

The Inauguration function was also attended by Shri W Nongbri, Executive Engineer, G.S.W.S. and various members of Dorbar Dongs, Local NGO’s and prominent residents of Inverneil-Kench’s Trace and Tender Care School Areas. Mr Anthony Marwein, Secretary, MCIC has appreciated and lauded the sustained efforts of Shri Sanbor Shullai, MLA cum Chairman due to his hard work and due to his personal initiatives, that various Developmental Schemes has been selected, approved and get it sanctioned by the Govt.

Mr Sanbor Shullai, MLA, during his speech has suggested and requested the members of the MCIC to monitor the project with cordial relationship and in collaboration with the members of the Dorbar Dongs and the officials of PHE Deptts and Shillong Municipal Board as per specification laid down by the Deptt concerned for the speedy implementation of the project to ensure best quality of works for additional water supply for the benefits, welfare and interest of the general public of Greater Kench’s Trace Areas in particular and 19th South Shillong Constituency in general.




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