MYAP asked Meghalaya Health Minister to provide Ambulance service for the sick in Mumbai

Shillong, April 04: The  president of the Meghalaya Youth Association Pune (MYAP). Mr Amsrang D Momin in the letter sent to the Health Minister Mr AL Hek, requested the government of Meghalaya to provide transport facility for the sick, in Meghalaya House at Vashi, Navi Mumbai.

In the letter the president of the MYAP said that the citizens of Meghalaya who travel to Mumbai for medical treatments are often met with situations of inconvenience. Firstly, the insufficiency of the rooms is a big concern.

It is inconvenient for a sick person to be staying in general dormitory and may cause equal inconvenience for the next person to be staying with the sick. Secondly Mumbai is a huge city and as such travelling from Navi Mumbai to Central Mumbai and Western Mumbai is a problematic task especially for someone unfamiliar with the place. Travelling on cabs can be expensive and for a patient who is on a strict budget may be unaffordable. Also cabs are not a reasonable mode in times of emergencies.

Taking these into considerations we would like to make few requests within attainable prospect. It will be of general convenience and good of the people if the Govt. is willing and can provide Meghalaya House, Vashi, Navi Mumbai with an ambulance facility, which can be accessible by the patients for their medical needs. Another is that for the convenience of room allocation it will be helpful if additional extensions of rooms are constructed and facilitated and be used strictly for people with medical conditions.

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