NGOs from Garo Hills demanded for a Separate Electoral Roll for GHADC’s Election

Shillong, Nov 27: The conglomeration of NGOs from Garo Students’ Union (GSU), Garoland State Movement Committee (GSMC), All A∙chik Youth Federation (AAYF), A∙chik Youth Council (AYC), Tura Govt College Students’ Union (TGCSU) submitted memorandum to the Chief Executive Member of the Garo Hills Autonomous District Council to remind of their long pending demands to bring the lasting solution of the Garos.

The NGOs want to see that the Codification of Garo customary law, that they have demanded for very  long time is still pending which the Bill needs to be assented to by His Excellency, the Governor of Meghalaya in order to ensure smooth and timely dispensation of justice amongst the Garos.

This bill was passed while your esteemed NPP party was in power forming the Executive Committee in the GHADC and now, since this party has been elevated to the formation of state government and your Hon’ble National President is holding the pivotal post of the state, we would sincerely urge upon your benign Executive Council (EC) to get it assented to by the Governor.

With the back drop of the recent implementation of National Registration of Citizens (NRC), in the neighbouring state of Assam, the deadly tentacles of illegal immigrants are spreading all across the Indian sub-continent and as such, there are reports of sporadic incidences about illegal migrants taking refuge elsewhere in Garo Hills.

In order to checkmate this growing menace, the police force and other officers concerned may therefore be pressed into service to detect those migrants and deport them back to their places of origin. With a view to ensure effective and efficient checking all along the porous both inter-state and international borders, the Entry and Exit Points at vulnerable locations be designated at the earliest to safeguard and protect the rights of Indigenous Garo tribes and others.

This is long standing and genuine demand of the indigenous tribal people of the region which remains unheard by the elected leaders for their own political requirements leads to snatching the every benefits of indigenous people awarded through GHADC and this act is amount to exploitation of the tribal people of the region.

This opportunity comes from the political benefits awarded to the non-indigenous people through adult franchise. GHADC belongs to Garos and Autonomous Bodies are established under Sixth Schedule on grounds of language, culture and traditional practices of one tribe, thus granted only to one tribe. Therefore, the separate electoral roll should be prepared in a manner to bar the non-indigenous people from taking part in GHADC’s election.

The matter needs to be looked into with a view to ensure safe and vibrant future existence  of the indigenous people of Garo Hills as rampant land grabbing and illegal encroachment are taking place unabated both in government owned lands and Nokma a.kings whereby the fragile demography of the indigenous tribes is threatened. The  problem is that, there is a wide range of leniency among the law enforcing authorities including implementation of the existing Land Transfer Act.

Therefore, this act should properly implement for issuing Land pattas in your office and constitute a enquiry commission comprising members from NGOs based in Garo Hills if permissible by law to check the illegal encroachment and illegal obtaining of land pattas by non-tribals.

The NGOs mention in the memorandum that this long standing genuine demands of the people of Garo Hills and to ensure the safeguard of indigenous people in the region shall be fulfill within fifteen days failing which the conglomeration of NGOs shall resorts to democratic agitational programmes to meet the demand.


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