No driver adhere to Zebra Crossing line in state capital Shillong

Zrbra Crossing in addtional secretaraitShillong, November 03: The Meghalaya Police from the traffic branch started to put zebra crossing line the state capital, Shillong, like Barik Point, Additional Secretariat and the main secretariat.

The objective of keeping this zebra crossing line is to tell to the driver that if they are in areas where ever zebra crossing line is there, drivers should stop to allow people to cross at the others side of the road but this does not happen in Shillong City.

The people who are to cross from the additional secretariat to the main secretariat they have to wait till there is no more vehicles then cross the road as drivers are did not adhere to the sign of zebra crossing line.

In Barik point, people are crossing the road only when the traffic police in the area who ever in duty has to gave signal to stop the vehicles to allowed pedestrian to cross the road as no driver will stop their vehicles to allowed people to cross.


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