On the admission of MBBS student govt has taken up with the Govt of Assam and NEC: Ingty

Shillong, September 01: The Additional Chief Secretary Govt of Meghalaya Mr P W Ingty, said that on the problems of admission for the MBBS students from Meghalaya in the Medical College in Assam, the state government has taken up the matter with the government of Assam to solved the problem face by the students.

Additional Chief Secretary, Ingty told SP News Agency that the state government has also taken up the issued with the North Eastern Council (NEC). So far there is no respond from the government of Assam. The state government has asked the NEC to help in this MBBS admission.

From the state government of Meghalaya they are perusing with the government of Assam and the state government is hopeful that this admission problem could be resolved soon.

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