One week time given to PHE and SMB to resolve the water scarcity in Greater Laban Area

Shillong, May 06: Mr Sanbor Shullai convened a public meeting of Greater Laban area at Assam Club Laban Shillong recently to resolve the public complaint regarding water crises in the entire Greater Laban Area.

The meeting was attended by top official of PHE department and the Shillong Municipal Board in presence of Rangbah Shnong and  Secretary Shnong and  Rangbah Dong and members of Dorbar Shnong Greater Laban Area.

The meeting after a threadbare discussion has unanimously decided to give one week time to the PHE and Municipal Department to resolve the water scarcity and water crises due to partial distribution system of water and manipulation by the keymens and plumbers of PHE and Municipal including private plumbers filling which, a Public Interest Litigation, against the PHE Department and Municipal Board will be filed in the court of Law by the general public.

The meeting was shared by Mr  E. Kharwanlang Rangbah Shnong of Laban who have inform that based on the suggestion and advice by the local MLA Shri Sanbor Shullai to convened an emergent meeting of the Dorbar Shnong to enable them to frame the rules and regulations to detect all illegal activities regarding regulation of uniform distribution of water to all residents.

The Local MLA has also informed in the meeting that new proposal for additional water supply scheme to cover and cater to the needs as a future plan for the residents of Greater Lumparing Area and Greater Laban Area was submitted to the Government with the total amount of as per plan and estimate was Rs. 1,00,000,00/ (Rupees One Crore).The meeting ended with a vote of thanks from Shri Joy Rynjah, Secretary Dorbar Shnong Laban.


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