Organization from Garo Hills, ADE opposed linking of Aadhaar Cards to various aspects of life

Tura, November 01: The Association for Democracy and Empowerment (ADE) from Garo Hills has come up in opposing linking of Aadhaar Cards with various aspects of life. The organization said that,It’s an awful time, the people are going through some unpredictable altercation of the system which brings bereavement to our lives.

One such occurrence is the unpleasant implementation of linking of Aadhaar Cards to our various aspects of life. Though the authorities have tried falsely to prove its importance to our own betterment, but the fact remains that with such a low literacy rate and poverty prevalent in our society, such steps could bring misery for the downtrodden common public forcing them to face hardship in their simple way of living.

The Central Govt’s decision to link PAN Card No,  telephone or mobile No, Bank account No etc with the Aadhaar Card make us feel like our constitutional rights are being violated and incinerate a fear of forceful entry into our privacy. The implementation of the linking process raises concerns as the honourable Supreme Court of India in its ruling by Justice J.  Chelameswar, on 11 August, 2015 made it clear that Aadhaar Card is not mandatory for the social welfare benefits that are already availed.

The rumors flying nook and corners of the region that facilities and benefits enjoyed by the common people will be taken back if they don’t opt for Aadhaar Card is raising suspicion in the minds of the people,  is this the “Ache Din” they dreamt about. The most striking feature which is cruel by nature is that the central govt.

After successful implementation of this Aadhar biometric collection from all the citizens of the nation is, cashless society where a single penny you spend and a coin you earn will be monitored, tracked, watched and regulated as the govt is suspicious of the innocent citizens of the whole nation taking them to be criminals and money launderers for which this biological id number is being created by the system where the govt shall deliberately store your virtual being in the national master database.

This shows the current Government is deliberately trying to turn democratic India from liberal democracy into a closely monitored police state because let us be honest, this government has no intention of taking care of ordinary citizens but in a deliberate move to tract and monitor our movements and our conversations by linking it with our mobile numbers taking away all our inborn privacies given by nature exposing every single activity of the citizens to the eye of the government for which multiple petitions are still laying pending in the Supreme Court.

As a faithful and loyal citizen of the country, will you allow every penny that you earned to be tracked and monitored? Why the govt. is so suspicious of the innocent citizens? Under this scheme, the central plans to track and monitor every penny that you earned, including your personal property, every purchase you made, i.e., clothes, jewelries, medicines, etc. After collecting the personal data, your finger printing and iris (biometrics), which will be stored in the CENTRALISED DATABASA, which is one stored, cannot be deleted.

The organization said, moreover, once the data became stable on the system, it will be out of your control. Even now, govt. is working through private companies to achieve this goal; and it is being privatized at present. When lots of data are being hacked and leaked, how can the govt. guarantee safety and privacy? Under the Constitution, we have a right to privacy and freedom of liberty. Whereas, when our personal data will be stored in centralize database, all our rights and liberties will be taken away.

Will you as a faithful and loyal citizen of India, lay all your personal properties, belongings, even your family members; your rights, liberties, etc. at the feet of one man who will control and track every movement, transactions you made, etc. What the govt. is doing at present is paving the way for totalitarian govt. or dictatorship govt. Under this system, how can the central pledge to protect our personal data and privacy? When hundreds of data are being leaked and hacked in our country, govt. cannot guarantee safety of our privacy and our data are being shared with other countries and companies without our knowledge and consent.

ADE said that  in our country different ids, such as election id, driving license, etc. those ids set the standard for our nation. Because it differentiate between adults and infants/children. Under this Aadhaar Act, govt. is enrolling the innocent infants and children who do not have any knowledge regarding militancy, money laundering, drugs and human trafficking, etc. Why the govt. is so suspicious about the infants/children? Will those innocent infants or children will involve in money laundering or terrorism, etc. The whole idea of this system is to control and monitor every single individuals of our nation; and this system needs to be evaluated and the central must not coerce us.

ADE strongly opposed of the forceful implementation of making Aadhaar Card mandatory for the people of 6th Schedule State of Meghalaya and lends its support to MPCA on its opting out movement from Aadhaar Card. ADE will fight with its brother organizations against this unpractical and anti people decision of the Center and appeals to the common people of the land to come forward and join their forces to repel it from our lives. ADE  appeal to the concerned authorities to be more considerate and to abhore from taking any hasty undertaking. Let’s not make common people’s lives harder which is already hard.


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