Passage of CABl 2016 in the Lok Sabha is an expression of ‘dictatorial indset’ of Modi govt

Shillong, Jan 11: The AYWO disappointed with the passage of controversial Citizenship (Amendment) Bill 2016 in the Lok Sabha, the organization alleged that  is nothing but the expression of ‘Dictatorial Mindset’ of Modi Led NDA govt. The CAB 2016 is Communal in nature and the Content of the Bill is divisive which can possibly  transpire into serious Law and order problem in whole of North East India.

The AYWO mention that, despite of massive protest against the  bill in whole of NE, Narendra Modi wish to go  against the sentiments and genuine concern of Indigenous Tribals of NE about the very existence and hence proved that the BJP and its allies can comprehend only about its political advantages leaving behind the survival of  Identity, demographic imbalance is inevitable, once this Bill becomes an Act.

The AYWO said that the Bill favoured the refugees in granting them citizenship at the expense of national security.   This will also pave the way for the North-eastern States, which were already plagued by influx of illegal immigrants, to become a safe haven for foreigners.

It is disheartening to note that the sentiments of the Northeast Region were ignored and the aspirations of the people to leap in accordance with its unique Culture and Traditions are being crushed to the ground. Parliament; which has been regarded as ‘Temple of Democracy’ has evidently murdered the democracy.

It seems that the govt of the day in Delhi doesn’t care about the well being of Indigenous people of North East. AYWO is apprehensive, that after the passage of the said bill, the AYWO genuinely fears that the  ‘Unity in Diversity’  will be compromised if the said bill goes through and becomes an Act.

The passing of ‘Communal’ and ‘Divisive’ Bill, adding much needed energy and reason for ‘Anti India’ felling among Indigenous Tribe of NE and this will break up ‘United India’ in long run. It is apparent on our part and it is our right to voice our resentment against the bill which threatened our very existence and if the Government in Delhi is not addressing our concern.

The AYWO  warn the govt of the day in Delhi, Don’t create a ‘Warlike’ situation in North Eastern region of India and refrain from working against the interest of our people by giving due patronage to the Illegal Immigrants, which will ultimately outnumbered our microscopic Tribe or else be informed that the AYWO stands for Democratic,Republic and Secular India and will never allow any force to suppress. Said Mr Sengbath Chambugong general secretary of AYWO in the press statement issued to media houses.

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