Police of EJH District register a case against thus people who create trouble in the public hearing

Shillong, Nov 21: Today at around 07:30 am public hailling from Shymplong village of Narpuh area and members of different organisation such as EJNC-CEC, HYC, STIEH, KSU and FKJGP assembled near the venue where the public hearing was scheduled to be held and initially had a discussion with the officials of Distrcit Administration, who on the basis of the discussion permitted around 50 members of the opposing group to register themselves and subsequently to attend the public hearing.

However, as the numbers of the group opposing the hearing started to increase, the group vociferously demanded that more members from their camp should be allowed to participate in the hearing, and as the vehement demand was not approved by the officials on the field, the crowd suddenly turned unruly which resulted in resorting to minimal force by the officials in order to disperse the crowd.

During the confrontation, 7 members of the uniformed force and some of the people at the opposite end also sustained injuries; the issue further escalated when the crowd barged towards the venue, shouting slogans and disrupting the public hearing.

The crowd which gathered at the venue were adamant and determined to disrupt the proceedings, and despite several attempts to resolve the matter in contention , the efforts remained futile.

The officials on sensing that the volatile situation may further escalate, made a public announcement that the public hearing could be continued any further and on hearing the anouncement, the general public peacefully dispersed from the venue without any further  untoward incident.

A case has been registered and investigation of the case is in progress.

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