Political parties cannot issue whip for the presidential election tomorrow

Shillong, July 16: The country tomorrow will elect the new president through the Electoral College, comprising of the MPs of the two houses of the parliament, the Lok Sabha, the Rajya Sabha and all the state Legislative Assembly of the state and Union territory.

The Election of the president will begin at 10.00AM in the morning and will conclude at 5.00PM in the evening, in this presidential election political parties cannot issue whip to it members since the election will be held outside the floor of the house.

In Meghalaya the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly has arrange  for the election to be held at the Annex Halls in the temporary Assembly at Rilbong Shillong, all the arrange mend has been complted as per the direction of the Election Commission of India.

In the presidential  election the vote carries by each MLA of the different state legislative Assembly are, Andra Pradesh 159, Arunachal Pradesh 8, Assam 116, Bihar 173, Chatisgrah 129, Goa 20, Gujrat 147, Harayana 112, Himachal Pradesh 51, Jamu and Kashmir 72, Jharkhand 176, Karnataka 131, Kerala 152, Madhya Pradesh 131, Maharashtra 175, Manipur 18, Meghalaya 17, Mizoram 8, Nagaland 9, Odhisha 149, Punjab 116, Rajasthan  129, Sikkim 7, Tamil Nadu 176, Telengana 132, Tripura 26, Uttrakhand 64, Utter Pradesh 208, West Bengal 151 National Territory New Delhi 58 and Pondicherry 16. All the MPs has equal vote.

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