President Local Truck Association of  Hima Khyriem write Mr Conrad to deal firmly with drugs

Shillong, August 19: The President Local Truck Association Mr  Egenstar Kurkalang of Hima Khynriem has written  to the Chief Minister of Meghalaya Mr Conrad K Sangma to deal firmly with drugs that has ruin the youth of the state.

Mr Kurlalang satated that  in the last few years we have seen that Drugs and other illegal intoxicant substances business transaction is increasing and also number of drugs and other Intoxicants addicted youth is increasing every day,which has badly  affected the well being,law and order and the welfare of the society as a whole.

These issues are a matter of deep concern; therefore everyone must take the responsibility to do something, since it is not only the locals that are affected. Persons who are involved in these illegal activities are a group of mixed community having  broad links and communication, which  definitely have interstate relation and  linkage, especially amongst North Eastern States.

Citing an incident that recently police seized one vehicle coming from Manipur involved in this activity as per the press statement. Unfortunately the most affected group are youths and school or college going students who are easily falling prey  and are easily indulged into it, which consequently is spoiling their future, the society and the state as a whole.

Another matter of serious concern is the increasing number of Drop out students, the rise of crimes and other illegal activities are contributing to this. To completely eradicate and curb down this type of business and activities is the immediate demand.

Hence government initiative to strategically deal with it is a must, and State Anti Narcotics Drugs and Other Intoxicants Substances Policy needs to be frame immediately and also Team of Expert or trained  personnel needs to be kept in almost every Police Station in the City to deal with this specific matter.


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