Relative of  Smit Agnes, Smit Amita  hoped the State Govt would have agreed to a CBI inquiry

Shillong, Dec 07: One month ago 8 November 2018, a brutal assault took place on two women  Agnes Kharshiing and Amita Sangma, reason for the assault was for taking pictures of coal laden trucks in East Khasi Jaintia Hills District.

The family members faced the crisis of our life waiting patiently outside the ICCU of NEIGRIMS hour after hour day after day, week after week and slowly with prayers from all over, both victims fought all odds and are recovering well with Amita being discharged and while Agnes is dramatically progressing slowly in her recovery much to the suprise of many.

The existence of this Intensive Critical Care Unit, in this speciality hospital NEIGRIMS, of North East of India, equipped with specialist of eminence and with the timely wakening of Mrs Amita Sangma who waved at the Police Patrol, and thankfully the first medical assistance from Doctors and staff of Ialong Civil Hospital Jowai and the 108 ambulatory service were factors in their recovery.

However, regretfully thirty days have passed and the ongoing criminal investigation in spite of modern IT and latest technology available have not been able to arrest the mastermind culprits and conspirators, who have not only committed a crime but have also indulged in financial evasion facilitated money laundering, and causing huge loss to the public exchequer.

Looking back to the status of the Judical inquiry into the Shillong Jailbreak, with two retired judges at a cost of One crore became one of the costliest inquiries in the State of Meghalaya with no headway till date.

The family members of Smti Agnes Kharshiing and Amita Sangma hoped the Cabinet and the State Government would have agreed to a CBI Investigation given the mandate and the country wide reach of the central agency.

Even from the aspect of efficiency, speed and cost, engaging the CBI would have been more productive for the Government. Regretfully, it was not considered, strange are the ways of Government and the functioning of democracy.   The family members of Agnes and Amita continue in their pursuit for Justice.


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