Residence of Nongrimmaw and Lumsohra come up to repair the Road in Garolane

Shillong, December 19: The residence  from the locality of Nongrimmaw and Lumsohra residing near the Umpling road popularly called the Goralane road in Laitumkhrah came out on 18 Dec 2017 to temporarily repair the road.

This important road which is used by commuters and vehicles coming from Rynjah, Nongrimhills etc has been lying in dilapidated condition for the last 3 years due to the adamant attitude of the state PWD to repair it.

Despite several reminders and representations made to the Government through the local representative, the authorities paid no heed which led to the people to take this desperate step.

It may be mentioned here that this road in question has been left unattended due to the lack of proper records from the PWD department upon appropriate authority to maintenance as occasionally this road was earlier maintained by the defence authorities as it also leads to the office of the Chief Engineer MES. Likewise the Arbuthnot Road was sometime back maintained by Assam Rifles when their headquarters was at Nongrimmaw.

However the road is mentioned as Umpling Road in the records of land documents of the people residing near this road, which ends up to the bridge at Wahthangsniang and nowhere mentioned as defence road. And that if the road was of the defence estate then the PWD authorities should have records of it.

The above road was constructed during the erstwhile Govt of Assam connecting to the Goralane road near Spread Eagle’s falls and that it does not at all belong to the defence estate.

The people also laments upon the step motherly attitude adopted by the PWD to repair other roads in the city but leaving the Umpling road and Goralane at Laitumkhrah to deteriorate.

Soon a public meeting will be convened to decide upon future course of action if in case this road is not repaired immediately before the coming elections.

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