Resurrect, debut album comprise of 15 song by Hip Hop duo Leo boys, they are  from Shillong city

Shillong, August 21: The Leo Boys is a hip hop duo from Shillong city, comprising of Sagnik choudhury and Soumyadeep Dasgupta. They are 23 years old and both of them are past pupils of St. Edmunds school, shillong.

But they have shifted to Kolkata in the year 2016 for higher studies. Ever since their school days they took a keen interest on rap and began making their own songs from early 2017. Fast forward to 2020, they are coming with an album comprising of 15 songs. about the album resurrect.

This album consists of 15 songs, 3 languages, 5 producers and multiple flows. The album is called Resurrect because it portrays a story. A story about two boys, who continued following their dreams amidst the clouds of doubt and hate.

Leo Boys were firstly a part of a crew called Adiacot which lasted roughly for a period of 6 months. The crew split due to ideological differences and Leo Boys chose to focus on their own music.

This album explains what two small town boys did and all the events they’ve been through for the purpose of listening to their gut. This is a story and each song is a chapter.

Leo Boys is currently based in Kolkata and managed by Urban Challa who have played a big hand in helping us put this album together. The album has various renowned producers namely Brian Fulop from Elizabeth, Pittsburgh, Anupam Biswas from Kolkata, Yugi on the beat from Mizoram, Lamonte Pakyntein from Shillong and Crescendo Studios in Kolkata.

The video carnation is handled by Rik Hazra and Souradip Hazra from SH Square films. This album was put out with a purpose of giving to the people of our home our perspective of Hip Hop. Shillong shall soon be the hip hop capital of the country because it is surely meant to be so.

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