Rev. Dr JF Jyrwa today released the book on the life of Dr Hem who was born in Sohra

Shillong May 9: As every generation move forward towards our future and dream of bigger and better things, one thing has always remain constant in the mankind’s pursuit these and it was and is taking risks, being brave and listening to your heart, guts and soul. One such story of hardship, struggle but also of brave determination and dedication is of the renowned Dr Hem Chandra Wallang (1892-1984), affectionately called Dr.Hem by the community around him.

Dr. Hem was born in Shora (Cherrapunji) in 1892, he was an orphan a studied in a Welsh Missionary in Sohra, when he was in Class 6-7, he was approached by one of the missionary leaders to study and become a Church Pastor but instead he struggled and tried his best to get admission on a medical college in Dibrugarh, which he did and he went to become a renowned doctor in the area of Sohra.

A compilation of his writings, letters, and his sermons as a church leader in Nongsawlia, was published by his granddaughter Ms. Cheryl Susan Kharsyntiew Tada titled “Fragrance of a Flower”. The book was released today in Martin Luther Christian University, Shillong in the presence of Dr. Hem’s family, relatives, friends and also faculty and staff of the University.

Rev. Dr JF Jyrwa released the book and while speaking on the occasion he reminisced about Dr. Hem and the impact that the doctor had on Rev. Jyrwa’s life and also how the doctor was an inspiration and still is to those who remember him.

Also speaking at the occasion were Ms. Cheryl Susan Kharsyntiew, the granddaughter and Dr. Glenn Kharkongor, the grand-nephew of Dr. Hem, who both spoke about how the idea of the book came about and how they learnt more about their family and life in general through the story of Dr. Hem’s struggle, dedication and determination



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