State BJP President Mr. Ernest has mention the recent violence have really hurt the state

Shillong, Nov 30: The BJP State President, Mr. Ernest Mawrie said the peace and security was one of the major concerns of the people of the state today. He said that recent incidents of violence, rioting, and vandalism have really hurt the state in multiple ways.

The image of the state in the country and the world has suffered. Economic activities in the state have come to a standstill every-time such an incident occurs. Tourism, which holds the promise of becoming a sustainable economic lifeline for the state, has suffered major set-backs in the last few years.

The Education has taken a backseat as school and college going children now live in a state of fear and uncertainty. They have been distracted from their classes and exams and this puts even our future in danger. Mawrie said these incidents can simply not be allowed.

In the wake of these incidents, it has become imperative that a strong mechanism is put in place to protect the life and property of all people, either residing in the state or travelling to it for work or leisure.

The BJP will ensure this when it forms the government after the upcoming assembly elections. Mawrie said the BJP will empower the security forces, ensure their presence in all parts of the state, and formulate rules that will de-motivate our youth from taking law in their own hands.

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