State Govt implement the Fifth Pay Commission, the new pay from December 2017: Dr Mukul

Shillong, Novenber 17: Meghalaya Chief Minister Dr Mukul Sangma today has announced that the government has decided to implement the Fifth Pay Commission to the state government employees and all government employees will get their new pay scale from the month of December 2017. The new pay scale will be effective from 01st January 2017.

Speaking to media person after the long Cabinet meeting, the Chief Minister said that the Fifth pay Commission will come into effect from 01st January 2017, and the government employees will get the new salary from the month of December.

With the implementation  of the Fifth Pay Commission the state government has to bear Rs.929 cores extra, this will include the pension and the arrears 40% that will be paid to the government employees and the remaining 60% of the arrears will be paid 30%  in the  financial years that 2018 and 30 % in the  financial years 2019.

In this fifth pay commission the government has also increase all the allowances entitle by the government employees, like Winter Allowances has increased from Rs.400/- to Rs. 600/- Hills Allowances from Rs. 300/- to Rs.500/- and medical allowances from Rs.700/- to Rs. 1000 /-.

In the house rent the government has increased in Urban areas from Rs.4000/- to Rs.8000/- in the District headquarter from Rs.3000/- to Rs.6000 /- and in others pallces from Rs.2500/- to Rs.5000/- Coming to daily allowances, the Chief Minister said that they will follow the central government pattern. The Government has also taken the decision to give Rs.2000/- each to all government employees medical checkup one in a year.

For the maternity leave the state government has increased the days from 120 days to 180 days and the government also granted paternity leave for 15 days. The Chief Minister said that the overall increase in the sally of Government employees is 268% if the calculation by the multiplier of 2.68%.




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