State Govt must act tough on those inciting violence in the name of Cow protection

New Delhi, July 16: Some anti social elements have incited violence in the name of cow protection. Those engaged in disturbing the harmony in the country are trying to take advantage of the situation. It has an impact on the image of the nation.

State Governments must deal sternly against such anti-social elements. Cow is revered as the mother in our country. Public sentiments are attached with the cow. However, people must know that there is a law to protect the cow and the violation of law is not an alternative.

Maintaining law and order is the responsibility of State Governments and wherever these incidents are taking place, state Governments must deal firmly with it. The State Governments must also see to it that in the name of cow protection some people are settling their personal rivalry.

All the political parties should condemn strongly this goondaism in the name of cow protection said Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi at the all political party held today at the National Capital New Delhi.

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