Surprising to hear from the Prime Minister who made a statement no development : Dr Mukul

Shillong, December 17: The Chief Minister Dr Mukul Sangma a day after the Prime Minister Mr Narandra Modi made a statement in the BJP public rally at Polo Ground alleging that there is no development in the state.

In the press statement issued today the Chief Minister Dr Mukul Sangma said that “I would like to issue this press statement with a deep sense of anguish that the Hon’ble Prime Minister had used the venue of the Official programme for his political party rally which is totally unacceptable and against all conventions”.

It was surprising to hear from the Hon’ble Prime Minister who made a statement that there was no development in the State, but he indeed inaugurated the road projects implemented by this Congress Govt. sanctioned by the responsive Congress led UPA Govt. at the State, which understood the needs of the people and made huge investments over a period of time to build the massive road connectivity projects.These include,the Shillong Bye pass project and the four laning of Shillong – Guwahati Road.

These massive investments have come up over a period of time because of the persistent and committed effort of this Congress Govt. to get these massive projects sanctioned by our leadership in Delhi who understood and acknowledged the hope and aspirations of our beloved people. Such massive investments are unprecedented in the history of Meghalaya.

It was because of sheer love and care shown by our leadership led by Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and Dr. Manmohan Singh who responded to requests of the State Govt. Thanks to our visionary and authentic leadership. These road projects are now connecting people from both west and eastern sides.

The Western parts of people are no longer needed to visit their State Capital via Guwahati. It is ironical to hear these words of lack of development in the State from the incumbent Hon’ble Prime Minister who just inaugurated those projects, which were actually brought by the Congress led UPA Govt. With regard to Health sector, Meghalaya is pioneering State to bring a new Health Insurance Scheme (Meghalaya Health Insurance Scheme).

This is one of the most inclusive programmes covering all aspects of the life. Now we can see people, regardless their economic background can go to any hospital, whether it is a private or Govt. hospital, to access the best health services. The Central Govt. in fact invited the State Govt.

To present about this exemplary health initiative to other States, the North Eastern States used to get block grants through the Planning Commission under the UPA Govt. These funds were used for taking up innovative schemes like MHIS and various other needs based local projects. Since the BJP led Govt., came into power, the North Eastern States are not receiving these Block grants meant for the North Eastern States to bridge the critical infrastructure gaps.





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