Ten nokmas of SGH district will not allow to construct the dam at Rongme stream by PHE

Tura, June 09: The Garo Student Union (GSU) said that the rights and concerns of the people when overlooked or subjugated by right of might becomes the plight of that people and the ‘civilised’ claim of the perceived right of the majority tramples negligently upon the rights of the local indigenous guardians of the flora and fauna.

The rights of the villagers of An’chenggre, Rongpakgre, Darengsagre, Gandinaggre,  Bikkinggre,  Doran Songmong, Wakjapakgre, Ganchikalak and Rombagre are being violated and they are trying to raise their objections and show their protests when their source of clean water is being disturbed with the construction of a embankment/masonry dam.

To further elucidate on the matter, the source- spring main tributary of the Rongme River is being dammed up. The stream is under the guardianship of two villages namely the An’chenggre and the Rongpakgre village but the stream is not exclusively used by only these two villages but also by eight other villages mentioned above.

As per as the reports of the villagers, the PHE department is supposedly tight lipped about the nature of the project, cost of the project and from time to time some of the villagers has been called up by the police department. The supposed hush-hush matter of the project may need further enquiry by the GSU.

The villages fall under the Chokpot Civil Sub-Division, South Garo Hills, Meghalaya and the water project is to supply water to Chokpot Sub-Division.The people of the ten villages held a meeting on the 18th of May’20 at Rongpakgre village which was headed by the ten Nokma as mandated by the people.

In the meeting the ten Nokma unanimously decided that they will not allow the check dam construction to continue. The decision concerns the availability of water for the villagers because Rongme stream is a small stream not a river and is the main source of water used by the villagers.The government officials did not ask the permission of the villagers for the construction of the dam.

It is also bemused by all that the Dareng River passes right through Chokpot Bazar and other small rivers are also available and near the Chokpot Sub-Division said Mr Tengsak G Momin President of the GSU and Manseng A. Sangma Chief Adviser of the students’ Organisation from Garo Hills region.

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