The AdventuRers Presented to Mr. Conrad with 228 Face Shields, for our COVID-19 warriors

Shillong, April 29: The AdventuRers, team of Khalid Khan, Ooma Tariang, Susuki Suresh Singh and Kailash Varma Presented to Mr. Conrad Sangma, with 228 Face Shields, for our COVID warriors.

Mr Cornad appreciative of the face Shields we even gave him a write up on how Face Shields increase the efficiency of the face mask, but that was hardly necessary, his knowledge is vast. To our surprise, he even knew where we had distributed food and done other social works.

The Chief Minister feels, and knows, the pulse of the town, as if it is his own pulse, he knows what is happening, in every nook and corner of the town. In these trying times, of the Conorna Crisis, he is working with missionary zeal.

The Chief Minister  was very much concerned, for the 11,000 Meghalayans, stranded outside, in other states. We are sure, with his dynamic leadership, he will bring them back.

While giving top priority to the safety and concerns of the citizens of our state, which are his primary considerations, and dear to his heart, this was very obvious, from the short conversation we had, and I can say, with full conviction, we are in the safest of hands.

The face shields, they are making, with the support of the staff of Delhi Mistan, at the upper story, which is now devoid of any customers, and business. The face shields protect the mucus membranes, of the lips nose and eyes, from coming into contact with body fluids, and give an extra physical barrier to the mask, and it has been found, to be very effective.

The team WE CARE, Later went to Ganesh Das Hospital, braving the sudden heavy shower. Here we handed over, fresh clothes, for the new born babies, mostly collected by Ms Susuki Pariat , from friends, to the Superintendant. She was very happy, with the clothes as it is very difficult to get clothes, mattresses and quilts for the children, these days, as most of the shops are closed.

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