The AJYWO support the JHADC for JSCL Bill-2018 that will be introducing in the winter Session

Jowai, Oct, 26: The AJYWO Central Body, the youth’s organisation from Jaintia Hills lauded and gave its green signal to the JHADC under the CEM-ship of Madonbai Rymbai for being on the way to come up with the Jaintia Hills Autonomous District (Jaintia Social Custom of Line-age) Bill-2018 and for expecting to take up the Bill in this Winter Session of the Council.

“We, as the minority indigenous residents of Jaintia Hills Region, we are badly in need of an act that would really safeguard, protect and preserve the rights, interests of the Jaintia People in all spheres. We, know, the JHADC can do that as per the power conferred upon it through the 6th Schedule to the Constitution of India”. Bah M H Dkhar, the President of AJYWO said in a press statement.

“If the Indian Government knows and sees the importance on the need to empower the Schedule Tribes  living in these hills until the 6th Schedule to the Constitution of India is incorporated in, so that they could safeguard, protect and preserve their rights and interests. Now, who is neglecting the very purpose of the said 6th Schedule? The Indian Government or We, the so called Schedule Tribes?” Bah Dkhar posed a question.

Dkhar lamented, “Regretted were the past many decades when the leaders of the JHADC had really done nothing to come up with such an important enactment on behalf of our minority indigenous people. Had the JHADC done so, our people would have been not as it is now in term of preserving its own interests”.

“We don’t want things to happen like what had happened in the state of Tripura. We are minority indigenous residents of our land, we want to safeguard, protect and preserve our everything-rights, interests, identity, language, custom and tradition, etc that we have been inherited from or fore-fathers.” The press note said.

Mr Dkhar added “We don’t want JHADC to delay any more on this important matter which is the spirit, the life and the aspiration of the Jaintia People. We want it (JHADC) to stay committed to the purpose it was meant to be. Now, is the time for our people to stand united and take full responsibility right from an individually, a family, a locality, a village, a society, to join hand with the JHADC and support it vehemently in this very important enactment which is for the larger interest of our minority indigenous people.

The JHADC should really take the role in leading our people in finding out ways and means to safeguard, protect and preserve our indigenous residents of the hills in all spheres”.

“The AJYWO urges the JHADC to prepare the Bill in such a manner so that nothing is excluded or missed out from the main aim and objective of the Bill. For incorporating the Bill with sharp teeth so that it could serve the purpose as it is envision to be, the organisation urges the JHADC to make it public so that every responsible resident of Jaintia Hills could contribute ideas towards making the Bill effective” M H Dkhar concluded.





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