The amount sanction for development for Lumparing areas is Rs.10.78 cores: Mr Sanbor

Shillong, November 10: Mr SanBah Sanbor Shullaibor Shullai, MLA in collaboration with the MCIC 19th South Shillong Constituency organized a special joint meeting cum joint inspection regarding implementation of various Departmental Government Schemes sanctioned recently told the gathering at Lumsohphoh Upper Lumparing Community Hall.

In this publice meeting the Lacal MLA inform the gathering that the total amount sanction for the development in the Lumparing areas form deferents department for deferent works it has come to the tune of Rs.10.78 Cores.

From the Tourism Department, the amount sanction was Rs.33,70,000 Lacs for Construction of Eco-Friendly Cobbled Trekking Path from Upper Lumparing to Shillong View Point.

From the PWD Department for Construction and Metalling Black Topping of road from Lumparing to Dongskul-Dongsiej, Lower Lumparing the Sanctioning Amount Rs. 2, 12,00,000/- Lacs for the Construction of link road from the existing PWD Road near the house of Shri H Khongsngi, downwards to the end near the house of Smti Etimon Khongsngi, Upper Lumparing it was sanction Rs. 1.02 Cores

For the Construction of motorable link from Lumparing Road upto near the residence of Smti Alma Sohtun. Sanctioning Amount was Rs. 1.06 Cores. For Construction of connecting road through the RCC motorable starting from the existing PWD Road, Mynsain near the house of Shri Blessing Diengdoh downwards to Jingkieng Nora Hynniewta it was sanction Rs. 1. 10  Cores.

For the Construction of PWD Road from Jackson Trace Road via Muslim and Seng Khasi Grave Yard upto Upper Lumparing existing road was Sanctioning Amount Rs. 3.08 Cores. For the Construction of Link Road from Lumsohphoh connecting the turning point of feeder road upto Buddhist Temple at Upper Lumparing has been sanction Rs. 15. 06 lacs.

From the Sport Department, it was sanction Rs.1.49 lacks for the construction of the Indoor Sports Complex of Lumparing Sports Club at Lower Lumparing. From the PHE Department for the implementation of Additional Water Supply Scheme for Greater Lumparing Areas of Upper Lumparing and  Lower Lumparing and  Kynjat Phutbol-Riat Laban it was sanction Rs. 43, 00,000/- Lacs.

In the public meeting the Local MLA Mr Sanbor Shullai inform the public, the total amunt sanction for various Scheme for the area from various departments is Rs. 10.78 cores. The meeting was attended by all the three  Dorbar Shnong of Greater Lumparing comprises of Rangbah Shnong, Secretary Shnong, Rangbah Dong and Members of Dorbar Shnong Upper Lumparing, Dorbar Shnong Lower Lumparing and Dorbar Shnong Kynjat Phutbol-Riat Laban along with Top Official of Tourism Deptt, Forest Deptt, PWD Roads Deptt, Sports Deptt, PHE Deptt, MePDCL Deptt.

The meeting was chaired by Shri H B Wahlang, Rangbah Shnong, Upper Lumparing and the discussion was participated by members of Dorbar Shnong and official of various Deptt. regarding speedy implementation of all the recently sanctioned schemes followed by Joint Inspection.

Mr Anthony Marwein, Secretary, MCIC has appreciated and lauded the sustained efforts of Shri Sanbor Shullai, MLA cum Chairman due to his hard work and due to his personal initiatives, that various Developmental Schemes has been selected, approved and get it sanctioned by the Govt.

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