The animals that were spotted in Rongjeng is a Hare not a Kangaroo: A Mawlong

Shillong, October 07: On the report that the wild life of forest department that they have received that there is a Kangaroo in Rongjeng in East Garo Hills the Forest department sent its officer to verified and it was found that it was a Hare not the Kangaroo, but this animal jump like a Kangaroo, said the Secretary of Forest department Mr Aldus Mawlong.

Speaking to SP News Agency, Mr Mawlong said that the PCCF wild life Mr Y F Shulai has verified on the report what was received from the resident of Rongjeng village. A Hare is from the family of the Rabbit but this is not a Rabbit, A Hare that was seen in Rongjeng is three feet high and it jump like a Kangaroo, since people have never seen it they thought it was a Kangaroo.

The Secretary said that what commonly we have is small Rabbit which is 1.5 feet in our state; this Hare is very rare in Meghalaya. This Animal comes to eat at the garden of Jonggat Momin, so people thought it was a Kangaroo.


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2 Responses to "The animals that were spotted in Rongjeng is a Hare not a Kangaroo: A Mawlong"

  1. J G Momin says:

    I don’t know who is worse. People who spread unverifyable news about fictitious animals or media who claim to have reports from the wild life department when in fact the wild life department is still investigating this issue.

  2. dipchrang says:

    its not kangaroo or a hare. . . it may look like a cross between kangaroo or a hare. . its a Patagonian mara that could be find openly only in habitats of argentina. . But how do it reach to Garo hills

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